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The anti-aging hair routine that really works!

Want a head of hair like you had in your twenties? Researcher­s say you really can regrow thinning hair . . . here’s how!


1 Stop shedding with peptides! Applied to the scalp, natural peptides “anchor” hair in follicles, keeping strands in place, Biomed Research Internatio­nal reports. Try: Peptide Complex Serum by Eva Naturals, $14.20, Amazon.com.

2 Thicken with supplement­s! Taking a daily combinatio­n of 460 mg. of black currant seed oil, 60 mg. of fish oil, 5 mg. of vitamin E and 30 mg. of vitamin C thickens hair and decreases hair loss for up to 90% of women, reports the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatolog­y. “Black currant seed’s and fish oil’s omega fatty acids ease inflammati­on and help nerve endings heal,” explains New York City hair restoratio­n specialist Robert Dorin, D.O. And vitamins C and E prevent hair-loss-triggering free radical damage. Important: Always get your doctor’s okay before taking any new supplement­s.

3 Hydrate with coconut oil! Got hair that’s brittle, coarse and/or breaks easily? Readily absorbed coconut oil infuses hair with hydration that stops breakage and smooths frayed cuticles, plus its antifungal and antibacter­ial properties help KO dandruff and other hair-limiting scalp woes. Just rub a small amount between palms, then run hands though hair from roots to ends, a section at a time, reapplying oil as needed. Or massage the oil into your scalp weekly; let sit 30 minutes, then shampoo. Try: OGX Coconut Miracle Oil Penetratin­g Oil, $6, Walmart.com.

4 Spur growth with caffeine! Applied to the scalp, caffeine blocks the hair-loss-promoting hormone DHT, reports the Internatio­nal Journal of Dermatolog­y. “Caffeine also stimulates the hair shaft, further encouragin­g growth,” says Dr. Dorin. Try: Dr. Wolff Plantur 39 PhytoCaffe­ine Tonic for Hair Over Forty, $17.72, Amazon.com.

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