My Guardian An­gel

When Woman’s World reader Pa­tri­cia Ha­ley of Lutherville, Mary­land, needed re­lief for her aching back, she asked the an­gels for help—and they an­swered! She writes:

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“I now know the an­gels will do any­thing to help us stay healthy!” Pa­tri­cia mar­vels

Iwalk ev­ery day for ex­er­cise, but when my back be­gan to hurt, I re­al­ized that my shoes had logged too many miles and needed to be re­placed.

I know how im­por­tant it is to wear good, sup­port­ive shoes. But on a tight bud­get, I couldn’t af­ford the kind of walk­ing shoes that I wanted. So I de­cided to go to a nearby dol­lar store to see if they had any­thing that might work for me un­til I could af­ford to buy a bet­ter pair.

I was in a bad mood be­cause I knew that I needed to stay on my walk­ing pro­gram for my health. But if I couldn’t find de­cent shoes, I’d have to stop un­til I saved up.

“An­gels, please help me find a pair of good shoes that I can af­ford. I’m try­ing to stay in shape here,” I prayed.

As I got out of my car, I no­ticed a sign that read

Side­walk sale on the far side of the shop­ping cen­ter in front of a shoe store I’d never no­ticed.

When did that open? I won­dered as I headed into the dol­lar store.

I have small feet, but they’re wide, so I have an espe­cially hard time find­ing shoes. As I feared, the dol­lar store didn’t have any­thing suit­able that fit me.

As I stepped out­side, my eyes once again fell on the shoe store that was hav­ing a side­walk sale. May as well take a look, I thought, wan­der­ing over.

As I got closer, I saw a few dozen shoe­boxes stacked out­side and be­gan look­ing through the boxes to see if any were my size. Just as I was about to give up, I saw a pair of my fa­vorite brand—in my size!

Ex­cited, I tried them on. They fit per­fectly! And the cost was half the reg­u­lar price. I put my old shoes in the

box and went in­side the store.

“I’m wear­ing my new shoes,” I told the clerk as he rang up my pur­chase. “My old ones were worn out and caus­ing my back to hurt!”

“Sounds like you got th­ese at just the right time then,” the clerk said.

As I re­turned to my car, my back was no longer hurt­ing, and my mood had lifted.

The an­gels had

known I was se­ri­ous about car­ing for my health, and they had granted my re­quest.

Those shoes lasted far longer than I ever ex­pected, and I will al­ways be grate­ful to my guardian an­gel for help­ing me find them!

“Our guardian an­gels are ded­i­cated to our health and well­be­ing,” says Kyle Gray. “Their power to help us is un­lim­ited, and Pa­tri­cia’s in­tu­itive abil­ity to un­der­stand this helped the an­gels move even more swiftly to as­sist her.

“An­gels are ded­i­cated heal­ers, and their ca­pac­ity to re­store our health goes be­yond our un­der­stand­ing of what’s pos­si­ble!

“With their all-know­ing wisdom, the an­gels knew Pa­tri­cia needed a good pair of shoes to ease her back pain so they made sure she got them!”

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