Make a beau­ti­ful but­ter­fly “bou­quet”

Cap­ture the beauty of flut­ter­ing but­ter­flies with this easy-to-craft table­top ter­rar­ium from the de­sign­ers at Ac­!

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❑ Green flo­ral foam half cir­cle (to fit in­side cloche)

❑ Hot- glue gun

❑ Green moss

❑ Wood slice with bark edge (start­ing at $6 at Quick­can­

❑ Faux but­ter­flies

❑ Pre- cut flo­ral wire stems

❑ Wire cut­ters

❑ Glass cloche (start­ing at $9 at Aflo­ 1 Place foam half cir­cle with flat side down. Hot-glue the moss onto the foam, cov­er­ing it com­pletely. Then hot­glue moss-cov­ered ball to the wood slice. 2Cut wire stems to var­i­ous lengths, mak­ing sure that they will all fit un­der the cloche. 3Twist one end of each piece of wire onto a but­ter­fly. Stick the other end of the wire into the moss-cov­ered foam. Bend wire to cre­ate a “bou­quet” of but­ter­flies. Then place the cloche over the ar­range­ment as shown. (Op­tional: Add a few faux flower stems, ei­ther un­der the dome or right out­side, as shown.)

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