Se­crets to age-proof your hands

The sneaky way to look 10 years younger— no makeup re­quired!

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H2O: Drink­ing 9.5 cups of wa­ter a day is proven to im­prove skin den­sity, help­ing no­tice­able veins fade within 30 days. Bonus: In­fus­ing wa­ter with cin­na­mon, a nat­u­ral blood thin­ner, also helps shrink those pesky veins!

CREPEY SKIN? Try a mega- mois­tur­izer:

Hyaluronic acid has been shown to hold 1,000 times its weight in wa­ter, and it locks in mois­ture to “plump” skin and di­min­ish lines. Find it in: Mario Bade­scu Hy­drat­ing Hand Cream, Mar­i­obade­

AGE SPOTS? Fade them

with le­mon: The cit­ric acid in le­mon in­creases cell turnover to re­veal new, spot-free lay­ers of skin un­der­neath. Sim­ply soak a cot­ton ball in le­mon juice and dab onto spots; let sit 10 min­utes, then rinse. Re­peat three times a week for best re­sults.

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