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You’ve prob­a­bly heard that folks are los­ing a lot of weight on the keto diet. But it’s crazy to start a low- carb plan so close to Christ­mas, right? Not any­more! There’s a hot new twist on the pop­u­lar plan— we’re call­ing it Stop-n- Go Keto— that al­lows for one or two “carb days” a week. Turns out, pe­ri­od­i­cally en­joy­ing fruit, sweet pota­toes and even hol­i­day treats ac­tu­ally trig­gers bio­chem­i­cal changes that “in­ten­sify and speed up weight loss,” prom­ises Stop-n- Go Keto pro­po­nent Josh Axe, D.C., CNS, au­thor of the up­com­ing Keto Diet (out Fe­bru­ary 19). “It also gives you more en­ergy.” So you lose weight eas­ily and feel fab­u­lous! F or any­one not fa­mil­iar with a tra­di­tional keto diet, the gist is this: You avoid foods that el­e­vate your blood sugar—namely carbs and large quan­ti­ties of pro­tein— be­cause when your sys­tem can’t fuel it­self with sugar, it must in­stead fuel it­self with com­pounds called ke­tones. “Ke­tones are made from fat—in­clud­ing stored body fat— so the more ke­tones you pro­duce, the more body fat you elim­i­nate,” ex­plains board-cer­ti­fied func­tional medicine prac­ti­tioner Kim notes Craw­ford, that ke­tones M.D., also who sup­press ap­petite, kill crav­ings and soothe thy­roid-slow­ing in­flam­ma­tion. And those are just the ben­e­fits you get from or­di­nary keto…

The bet­ter way to keto!

When ke­tones are your only fuel, “over time, you don’t feel as good, and you can even be­gin to gain weight,” says Bul­let­proof Diet au­thor Dave Asprey, who ex­pe­ri­enced the prob­lem him­self while fol­low­ing a strict keto

plan. He pored over sci­en­tific re­search and learned that “a cer­tain type of brain cells— our glial cells—love carbs.” So to feel sharp, in­vig­o­rated and crav­ings-free, you need to feed your glial cells. Good bac­te­ria in our guts— bac­te­ria that, per a Har­vard study, play a cru­cial role in turn­ing on genes that keep us ef­fort­lessly lean— also re­quire starch from carbs to thrive. “You need some carbs for an ideal bal­ance of gut bac­te­ria,” Asprey says. And as if that weren’t enough, there’s even ev­i­dence that vari­a­tion in carb in­take stokes me­tab­o­lism. “That’s why if you take the time to go out and come back into ke­to­sis, it works much bet­ter.” In­deed, Asprey’s stop-n-go ap­proach to keto—which he calls keto cy­cling—has helped folks shed up to 11 pounds a week. So many peo­ple have had suc­cess that they’ve lost, in to­tal, over 1 mil­lion pounds!

What you eat

Five or six days a week, “keep carbs low”—50 grams or so daily—“and eat lots of veg­gies, lots of fat and mod­er­ate pro­tein,” says Asprey. Then one or two days a week, add a few serv­ings of carb-rich foods. Ex­perts en­cour­age you to go for health­ier carbs, but stop-n-go keto di­eters tell us they reg­u­larly starchy opt sides for Christ­mas and fes­tive cook­ies, cock­tails while ac­tu­ally im­prov­ing their slim­down re­sults. “It seems to trick my body, and I love it,” says North Carolina mom Brooke Sturgill, 30, who used Asprey’s Bul­let­proof Diet to quickly shrink from a size 16 to an 8. “I usu­ally see a nice loss on the scale after my high-carb days, which shocked me at first,” she shares. “I’m a South­ern girl, and from bis­cuits to pie, this way of eat­ing lets me have ev­ery­thing I want. I used to live in a con­stant state of ‘ hangry,’ and that’s com­pletely gone. I’m los­ing weight, I feel more en­er­gized and I sleep more soundly. I can hon­estly say I’ve never felt bet­ter!” One fi­nal tip from Asprey: To avoid crav­ings and flu-like symp­toms that are com­mon as the body shifts from burn­ing sugar to burn­ing ke­tones, he sug­gests you fol­low Brooke’s lead and start adding MCT oil to meals. The oil con­tains spe­cial fatty acids that stim­u­late im­me­di­ate pro­duc­tion of ke­tones. “Right away you have enough ke­tones in your blood to make the tran­si­tion feel ef­fort­less,” he prom­ises. “When you do this con­sis­tently, you end up hav­ing a life with no crav­ings what­so­ever. You’ll get and stay lean— and you’re likely to be hap­pier and health­ier over­all.” Not even Santa him­self could de­liver a bet­ter gift!

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