Heav­enly helpers

When Woman’s World reader Betty Roberts of Spring­field, Ohio, needed help with her sick hus­band, two angels ap­peared! She writes:

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A s Don, I drove to his my doc­tor’s hus­band, ap­point­ment, I was filled with con­cern. He’d been strug­gling with his health for quite some time, but now he had grown ex­tremely weak. Luck­ily, I found a park­ing spot near the front door of the doc­tor’s of­fice. I helped Don out of the car, and we walked slowly, arm in arm along the side­walk. But I was in­creas­ingly wor­ried about his abil­ity to keep go­ing. Our last hur­dle was the steps lead­ing to the front door. Ex­haus­tion had set in and Don couldn’t take an­other step. Fear­ing that he’d fall, I care­fully helped him to sit down on a step. I looked in ev­ery di­rec­tion, but there was no one around to help us. “Dear God, please send Your angels to help us,” I prayed. I no sooner ut­tered the words when I was star­tled by a voice com­ing from be­hind me. Turn­ing, I saw not one, but two hand­some men with kind­ness in their eyes and ra­di­ant smiles. One asked, “Ma’am, do you need help?” “Yes, thank you!” I an­swered. I watched in awe as the two young men lifted my hus­band to his feet, and they all seemed to float up the steps and into the of­fice. Go­ing back to get my things from the car, I was a few min­utes be­hind them. En­ter­ing the lobby, I saw my hus­band com­fort­ably rest­ing in a chair. I asked him where the two men were, want­ing to thank them. Don said as soon as he set­tled him­self into the chair, he looked up to say thank you, but they were gone. Later that day, we were talk­ing about this re­mark­able event and Don con­firmed that he felt as though he did float up the steps. And we both felt whole­heart­edly blessed that God had an­swered my prayer by send­ing two of His angels to our aid when we needed them most. Even now, I get a lump in my throat when re­mem­ber­ing those won­der­ful angels and will al­ways be grate­ful.

“The men lifted my hus­band to his feet, and it was as if they floated up the steps!”

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