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Af­ter Au­drey Johns sped off 150 pounds in 11 months back in 2011, ev­ery­one wanted her se­crets. She ate de­li­cious food, so how did she man­age to lose that fast? Au­drey de­cided to share her tips and recipes, start­ing one of Amer­ica’s first “clean eat­ing” bl

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T he key is choos­ing in­gre­di­ents that come from farms in­stead of fac­to­ries, says Au­drey, author of Lose Weight by Eat­ing, Lose Weight by Eat­ing: Detox Week and her new­est re­lease, Lose Weight with Your In­stant Pot. The for­mer fad di­eter hit on the win­ning strat­egy while try­ing to set a healthy ex­am­ple for her young daugh­ter. “I was eat­ing more and los­ing more, so I did re­search and found that the closer some­thing is to its nat­u­ral state, the more nu­tri­ents it has to help get you lean.” Most days, she al­lows her­self wig­gle room. But when she’s detox­ing, she aims for 100% whole foods, strongly em­pha­siz­ing veg­gies. “It’s sim­ple, fill­ing and easy to fit into a hec­tic sched­ule,” she prom­ises. “Use it for as long as you like. Even with a lit­tle bit of hol­i­day cheat­ing, you

can still drop up to 35 pounds a month!” The slimming magic Sur­prised that Au­drey’s ap­proach is so ef­fec­tive? You’re in es­teemed com­pany! It caught a group of Stan­ford-led sci­en­tists off guard too. When they set out to de­ter­mine whether low­carb or low-fat di­ets work best, they found carbs and fat don’t ac­tu­ally mat­ter at all. In­stead, among over 600 par­tic­i­pants, those who ate as Au­drey rec­om­mends lost the most im­pres­sive amounts of weight. Says Stan­ford’s Christo­pher D. Gard­ner, PH.D.: “We re­ally stressed to both groups that we wanted them to eat high-qual­ity foods. We wanted them to min­i­mize added sugar and re­fined grains and eat more veg­eta­bles and whole foods.” Those who did so lost 40, 50, 60 pounds— with­out lim­it­ing calo­ries. Mean­while, those who ate more pro­cessed op­tions shed less or even gained 10 to 20 pounds. Why does nix­ing pro­cessed food work? Ac­cord­ing to Bos­ton Univer­sity’s Caro­line Apo­vian, M.D., it’s not that calo­ries don’t count, but rather “when you eat whole foods, you feel sat­is­fied af­ter far fewer calo­ries”—a phe­nom­e­non ob­served in the Stan­ford study. Plus, she notes, pro­cessed foods have ad­dic­tive prop­er­ties that drive overeat­ing. Mean­while, nu­tri­ents in whole foods de­liver a host of get-slim perks, like steady­ing blood sugar, revving me­tab­o­lism and sooth­ing thy­roid-stalling in­flam­ma­tion. Dr. Apo­vian says Au­drey’s detox, “is how you should strive to eat all the time—whether you need to slim down or not!” Real-world wow “I started Au­drey’s detox with a con­sid­er­able amount to lose and many diet fail­ures un­der my belt. I wor­ried I was be­yond help,” re­veals Ok­la­homa le­gal as­sis­tant Ch­eryl Mcdaniel, 58, who says stress eat­ing and a seden­tary job caused her weight to soar. “Then I lost 11.4 pounds in less than a week with no hunger and no crav­ings! It’s such a re­lief. If you’re like me, this detox will re­store your hope that you can reach a healthy weight!” Wendi Chisholm agrees. Af­ter los­ing a painfully slow 25 pounds on an­other diet and then promptly re­gain­ing 35 pounds, she tried Au­drey’s detox. She was soon drop­ping two pounds ev­ery day. “I was only plan­ning to do this for a few days, but there’s no way I’m stop­ping,” says the Al­berta mom, 50. “Lis­ten to a gal who has strug­gled with weight prob­lems since she was a teenager and give this plan a shot. You’ll be glad you did!”

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