Pain-free in 7 days

Woman's World - - Contents - Tak­ing 450 mg. of holy basil daily could tamp down your joint stiff­ness and pain by as much as 73% in one week—plus it nixes anx­i­ety as ef­fec­tively as anti-anx­i­ety meds, re­port Aus­tralian re­searchers. Study co-author Marc Co­hen, PH.D., says this pop­u­lar A

Ever no­tice how when you’re laugh­ing with your friends, you for­get about your achy joints? That’s be­cause the same feel-good hor­mone kick-started by fun (sero­tonin) re­laxes tight mus­cles and calms over­ac­tive pain nerves— cut­ting the risk of chronic aches by as much as 75%! To shore up your pro­duc­tion of this happy painkilling dy­namo…

Move for two

Mo­tion is lo­tion—for your body and for your mind! Ac­cord­ing to a Cana­dian re­search team, ex­er­cise revs your brain’s pro­duc­tion of feel-good hor­mones more quickly and ef­fec­tively than pre­scrip­tion an­tide­pres­sants—and short bouts of move­ment are equally as ef­fec­tive as longer jaunts. Aim for two-minute walk­ing breaks ev­ery wak­ing hour and that steady trickle of sero­tonin will lift your mood while cut­ting your aches and pains by 55% in two weeks!

Add av­o­ca­dos

En­joy half an av­o­cado daily, and your risk of blue moods, sore mus­cles and joint pain could plunge 65%, re­port re­searchers at Ge­orge­town Univer­sity in Wash­ing­ton, D.C. As Nor­man E. Rosen­thal, M.D., author of Su­per Mind, ex­plains, thanks goes to two plant com­pounds (oleic acid and pan­tothenic acid) that help boost the brain’s pro­duc­tion of feel-great sero­tonin.

Try this herb Bond with one friend

True, it’s the sea­son of big get-to­geth­ers, but if you chat with your most sup­port­ive friend for 12 min­utes daily, your stress, anx­i­ety and blue moods will plunge by 67%. Even bet­ter, Bri­tish stud­ies sug­gest that a daily oneon-one with a loved one (whether in per­son or on the phone) pro­duces a mas­sive sero­tonin surge that quashes pain more ef­fec­tively than mor­phine! — Brenda Kearns

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