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Doc­tors are is­su­ing an alert about a con­di­tion that af­fects nearly 50% of us: “Diabesity is a clus­ter of blood-sugar prob­lems rang­ing from mild in­sulin re­sis­tance to di­a­betes,” says Mark Hy­man, M.D., author of Food: What the Heck Should I Eat? “It’s mak­ing us sick, heavy and tired, and it’s the lead­ing cause of pre­ma­ture ag­ing.” Hap­pily, he adds, most diabesity is 100% pre­ventable—and re­versible! Clean with pur­pose Stay­ing fit cuts the risk of diabesity by 60%, since ac­tive mus­cles burn glu­cose for fuel be­fore blood-sugar spikes can oc­cur. And you don’t need a pricey gym mem­ber­ship to get the ben­e­fits! In an In­di­ana Univer­sity study, the fittest women were the ones with the clean­est, ti­di­est homes. Turns out, keep­ing a house in tip­top shape re­quires a lot of in­ci­den­tal ex­er­cise—way eas­ier to fit into a busy sched­ule than daily jaunts to a gym! Up your vi­ta­min D-3 You could cut your diabesity risk by 50% just by tak­ing 2,000 IU of vi­ta­min D-3 daily, sug­gests re­search in the jour­nal Di­a­betes Care. Study co-author Maria Peter­son, PH.D., says D-3 helps the body pro­duce in­sulin— and helps cells use this sugar-con­trol­ling hor­mone ef­fec­tively. Note: Check with your doc­tor be­fore tak­ing supplements. En­joy “me” time Daily R&R isn’t just a lux­ury, ac­cord­ing to Ja­panese re­search— it could be the ticket to 51% bet­ter blood-sugar con­trol! Ex­plains study co-author Ken Terui, M.D., daily 30-minute breaks slash your pro­duc­tion of cor­ti­sol—a hor­mone that wors­ens sugar crav­ings, dam­ages in­sulin-pro­duc­ing cells and leads to blood-sugar surges. Add eggs and dairy Eat­ing 1 oz. of full-fat cheese and two eggs daily can cut your risk of blood-sugar prob­lems by as much as 71%, say Univer­sity of Ten­nessee re­searchers. Nu­tri­ents in the foods work to­gether to keep your body’s in­sulin pro­duc­tion op­ti­mized. — Brenda Kearns

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