Make a poin­set­tia even pret­tier with a birch “wrap”!

Trans­form poin­set­tia plants into a stun­ning wood­land ac­cent with rus­tic birch twigs and yarn. Here’s the easy how-to:

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What you’ll need:

2 poin­set­tia plants Large bowl Large rub­ber band Birch twigs Red yarn

1 Re­plant poin­set­tias

Re­move two poin­set­tias from their pots and set the plants in the bowl, adding pot­ting soil, if needed. Slip a large rub­ber band around the bowl.

2 Add wood wrap

Gather birch twigs from the yard (or crafts store) and cut to the height of the bowl. Slip twigs un­der the band, then cover the band with yarn. No time to craft? Check out the Twig Stick Vases, $ 40, by Bou­tique­barn at

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