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“Tapping healed years of chronic pain!”

Adrienne Cerulo had lost all hope that she’d find a solution for her chronic back pain, until she discovered a simple, free therapy that completely healed her—inside and out!


“I went from feeling completely hopeless to looking forward to the future!”

As she navigated the crowds in the train station on her way home, For two Adrienne years, she’d Cerulo been winced plagued in by agony. unrelentin­g pain between her shoulder blades. Pain that seemed to get progressiv­ely worse with each passing day. Sweat beaded on her forehead as she pushed forward. As she waited on the platform holding her orthopedic chair under her arm, she was overcome with despair as each train passed by. I can’t do this anymore, she thought, tears filling her eyes. I’m never going to have a happy future like this…what’s the point of going on? Searching for relief Adrienne had always been fit and active, but in 2012, she’d suddenly begun experienci­ng a burning sensation and severe pain in her upper back. At first, she’d chalked it up to the stress of training for a marathon, but after the race, the pain continued to worsen. Soon, Adrienne’s whole life centered around managing her pain. She’d always been an outgoing, social person, but after sitting at a desk all day at work, her back felt like it was on fire. So Adrienne found herself avoiding dinners with friends or events where she’d have to stand for a long time. Instead, she’d go straight home, swallow ibuprofen and lie on the couch with ice packs on her back. I can’t go on this way, she’d cry. Desperate for relief, Adrienne began going from doctor to doctor—seven in

all—and had countless Mris…but no one could pinpoint a reason for her pain. Refusing to give up, Adrienne spent more than $10,000 on treatments, including deep-tissue massage, physical therapy, craniosacr­al therapy and platelet-rich plasma therapy, a treatment in which her blood was reinjected into her body. She even underwent surgery to remove scar tissue from her shoulder bone that a doctor said could be causing the pain, but it did nothing to help the burning in her back.

Maybe it is just all in my head, Adrienne began to wonder. At Adrienne’s next appointmen­t with her neurologis­t, her life started to change when he asked Adrienne if she’d heard of Dr. John Sarno, a pain-management specialist. Soon after, she headed to the bookstore and read a few of Dr. Sarno’s books. She learned there was a school of thought that suggested the brain can sometimes produce pain as a way of coping with stresses in our lives. Feeling a glimmer of hope, Adrienne returned to the bookstore to find another book by Dr. Sarno, but while scanning the shelves, a different title caught her eye: The Tapping Solution for Pain Management, by Nick Ortner. Tapping? What’s that? Adrienne’s interest was piqued, and she began reading the book right there in the aisle. She learned that tapping is a technique based on acupressur­e and acupunctur­e that helps create a balance of energy in the body. It sounded so simple: Tapping certain places on the body opens energy pathways, clearing emotional blocks, allowing the body to better heal itself. Adrienne still didn’t understand how it worked, but decided to give it a try. Maybe this is the miracle I’ve been searching for!

An incredible cure

That night, Adrienne sat in her living room with the tapping book she’d bought on the technique, pulled up a video online, and learned where she needed to tap on her body to relieve pain. As she tapped, she repeated positive mantras like, “I deeply and completely love myself and will have a happy future. This pain is not forever.” The first few rounds seemed awkward, but after 10 minutes, Adrienne felt relaxed. And the next morning, she realized the pain had noticeably eased. So she did another tapping session. And the next day when she awoke, Adrienne was amazed to find her pain was completely gone! Adrienne sailed through her workday, and she still felt great the next day…and the next. Slowly she eased back into playing sports, a new sense of hope filling her heart. Although Adrienne, now 36, still occasional­ly experience­s tension between her shoulder blades, she no longer deals with the unexplaine­d agony that plagued her for years. “My whole life has changed because of tapping,” beams Adrienne, who now turns to tapping to help with other issues that arise such as stomach upset or stress. “I went from feeling completely hopeless about life to laughing more, living my life and looking forward to what the future holds— it truly works!” — Julie Revelant

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 ??  ?? Adrienne now uses tapping when other health issues arise and to ease stress
Adrienne now uses tapping when other health issues arise and to ease stress

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