Host a hol­i­day paint­ing night!

In­vite friends over to en­joy wine and treats and leave with their own work of art!

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Sip, sa­vor— and cre­ate a master­piece!

The se­cret to mak­ing paint­ing fun and easy even for non-crafty guests? Use a tem­plate, says Michelle Ste­wart (Michellespar­ty­planit. com). This “Merry Christ­mas Car” ($ 5, So­cial-art­work­ comes with a blackand-white pat­tern, trac­ing pa­per to trans­fer the image to can­vases and in­struc­tions. One stop at the crafts store for acrylic paint, brushes, pal­ettes and can­vases, and you’re all set! Tip: Use the site’s party plan­ner tool to de­ter­mine how much paint you’ll need.

Sweeten the day

Give cup­cakes (made from a mix!) a hol­i­day twist with Ste­wart’s easy dec­o­rat­ing tip: “Sim­ply add vanilla frost­ing, a pep­per­mint stick and cherry sour candy on top.” Pip­ing the frost­ing on us­ing a star-shaped ic­ing tip will cre­ate a light, fluffy cloud of frost­ing.

Re­fresh guests with a snow-kissed cock­tail

Fruity, fes­tive san­gria is the ul­ti­mate makea­head drink! The day be­fore your party, com­bine a bot­tle of your fa­vorite red wine with 3 cups of cran­berry juice, 1⁄ cup of 4 orange liqueur, 1 cup of fresh cran­ber­ries, 1 Tbs. of vanilla ex­tract and 2 cin­na­mon sticks in a large pitcher. Add 2 sliced or­anges and 2– 4 whole cloves; re­frig­er­ate. When you’re ready to serve, pour the san­gria into cock­tail glasses rimmed with white sugar.

Serve up smiles with snack plat­ters

Bite-sized ap­pe­tiz­ers are eas­ier to eat while work­ing on a master­piece, and guests are sure to love these sweet and sa­vory mini cros­ti­nis! To make, slice a baguette and brush both sides with olive oil. Bake at 350°F for 5 min­utes, then stack slices of Brie and folded salami on top. Spoon 1 tsp. of cran­berry sauce on top, skewer to­gether with a tooth­pick and gar­nish with mint. Pop on plat­ters with other fin­ger foods like cru­dités, olives and small pick­les.

Beau­tify any spot with an easy candy cane vase

It’s a cinch to give a plain vase a hol­i­day makeover with candy canes! To do: Stretch a rub­ber band around a glass jar and tuck candy canes into the band un­til the vase is covered. Hide the rub­ber band with a pretty rib­bon and fill the vase with red blooms.

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