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Heat oven to 325°F. Line 13"x9" bak­ing pan with enough foil to over­hang sides by 2"; coat with cook­ing spray. In pot, com­bine 11⁄ cups choco­late chips, but­ter and unsweet­ened choco­late; over low heat, cook un­til melted and smooth, stir­ring Re­move from heat; let cool 5 min. In small bowl, com­bine 1⁄ cup flour 4 and re­main­ing choco­late chips; re­serve. Com­bine re­main­ing flour with bak­ing pow­der and salt; re­serve. In large bowl, whisk to­gether sugar, eggs, cof­fee gran­ules and vanilla ex­tract; stir into melted choco­late mix­ture un­til just com­bined. Stir in flour mix­ture un­til just blended. Stir in re­served choco­late chip mix­ture. Spread in pan. Bake 45–55 min. or un­til tooth­pick in­serted into cen­ter comes out with moist crumbs cling­ing. Cool com­pletely on rack. Us­ing foil, lift brown­ies from pan. Cut into squares. If de­sired, serve brown­ies driz­zled with sauce and gar­nished with rasp­ber­ries and mint. PREP time: 20 min. TO­TAL time: 2 hrs., 20 min. SERV­INGS: 12

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