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your body time to process that feel­ing of full­ness. You con­sume far fewer calo­ries with­out re­al­iz­ing it and are 100% sat­is­fied!”

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What hap­pens when two of the world’s most pow­er­ful slim­ming tech­niques— soup di­ets and the keto diet— join forces? You get a tur­bocharged ap­proach that has women shrink­ing by up to 18 pounds a week! “The re­sults are ex­tremely im­pres­sive,” con­firms Ibreatheimhun­ blog­ger Mel­lissa Se­vi­gny, whose Keto Soup Diet has got­ten more than 600,000 on­line hits in re­cent months. Ex­perts agree that since soup makes go­ing keto a cinch for busy women, it helps max­i­mize weight-loss ben­e­fits. “You’ll cut your ap­petite, stim­u­late me­tab­o­lism, re­lease fat from the fat cells and sig­nif­i­cantly im­prove over­all health,” raves A- List Diet au­thor and keto ad­vo­cate Fred Pesca­tore, M.D. What a great way to start the new year!

The thing most of us love about diet soups is how sim­ple they are— and keto soup is no ex­cep­tion. “You can cook one Sun­day af­ter­noon and have de­li­cious heat-and-eat meals that last you for weeks,” says 112-pounds-slim­mer Kristie Sul­li­van, PH.D., au­thor of Keto Liv­ing. “It’s faster than fast food!” Adds Mel­lissa, “Start­ing any new diet can feel over­whelm­ing, and keto can seem es­pe­cially com­pli­cated. But when your fridge and freezer are stocked with meals that you look for­ward to, it elim­i­nates so much stress. It gives you a real edge to suc­ceed.” And that’s far from the only ad­van­tage you get…

Burn fat to the max

Just like the tra­di­tional keto diet, this souped-up ver­sion of the strat­egy gets at least 70% of its calo­ries from fat, no more than 25% from protein and

no more than 5% from carbs. That’s a for­mula sci­en­tif­i­cally proven to “shift our bod­ies into fat-burn­ing mode,” notes Dr. Pesca­tore. How? Ba­si­cally, when we eat a lot of carbs, our bod­ies are pro­grammed to burn carbs as their main source of fuel. But be­cause keto di­eters slash carb in­take dra­mat­i­cally, Dr. Pesca­tore ex­plains, “you start burn­ing your backup fuel source, ke­tones.” Ke­tones are com­pounds made from fat—the kind in your fat cells and the kind you eat. So when you’re burn­ing ke­tones, you can en­joy mouth­wa­ter­ingly rich soups and other foods while—per re­cent univer­sity find­ings— speed­ing your fat loss by a whop­ping 900%!

Sur­prise soup ad­van­tage

While a keto diet doesn’t re­quire any calo­rie count­ing to take off pounds, Yale re­search shows that the fewer calo­ries keto di­eters end up eat­ing, the more weight they lose. And that’s where soup is a huge fac­tor — be­cause keto soup tends to con­tain far fewer calo­ries than other keto meals. On top of that, land­mark Penn State re­search has de­ter­mined that the way soup solids are sus­pended in warm broth tricks our bod­ies into re­leas­ing ex­tra ap­petitekilling hor­mones, so we sub­con­sciously end up eat­ing 400 calo­ries less with a soup meal than we nor­mally would. Adds Mel­lissa, au­thor of Keto for Life: “It’s also im­pos­si­ble to rush through soup, so it gives

Real-world wow!

“My in­box is full of emails from peo­ple who are shocked and thrilled that keto soup worked for them when noth­ing else would,” says Mel­lissa. “Many tell me they use it as a jumpin­goff point to a tra­di­tional keto diet and go on to to­tally trans­form their bod­ies.” Lisa Mcgill is one of them. “I’m some­one who needed to see a big dif­fer­ence on the scale right away so I’d have hope that weight loss was pos­si­ble— and that’s ex­actly what keto soup di­et­ing did for me,” says the New York nurse, 56. “I lost 10 pounds in my first five days and I felt full the whole time. It re­ally got me go­ing, and now I’m down 50 pounds. I want to spread the word. I want ev­ery­one to know how easy it can be to get to a health­ier weight!”

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