My guardian an­gel

When Woman’s World reader Amy Gen­zlinger of Fort My­ers, Florida, was in pain and on the brink of de­spair, an an­gel ap­peared! She writes:

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The sum­mer be­fore my se­nior year of high school, my fa­ther passed away. I was dev­as­tated and be­came de­pressed.

Then that fall, I was in a ter­ri­ble car ac­ci­dent and suf­fered a crushed pelvis, bro­ken ribs and in­ter­nal bleed­ing. The pain was con­stant and un­bear­able, and my body felt as bro­ken as my heart that was still aching over the loss of my dad. I just didn’t want to live any­more.

One night, a nurse called my mom to say they were very con­cerned be­cause I wasn’t eat­ing or drink­ing. Mom called me in tears, beg­ging me to be strong and fight. I was in so much pain and so sad over Dad, I hon­estly felt like I had no fight left in me.

That night I prayed, God, I am scared, sad, lonely and in so much pain! Please ei­ther help me get bet­ter or let me die and be with my dad.

Shortly af­ter, I fell asleep and dreamed an an­gel came to my room, took my hand and said, “Come with me.” “I can’t walk,” I replied. The an­gel just smiled, and urged me to go with her.

I took her hand and was as­ton­ished. The pain was gone and I was able to walk. Soon I was in a meadow filled with beau­ti­ful flow­ers. I found my­self run­ning through the flow­ers, feel­ing in­cred­i­bly light.

Next, I was at a ban­quet ta­ble filled with de­li­cious food. I could “feel” peo­ple all around me laugh­ing and talk­ing. I couldn’t see who any­one was, but I knew that my dad was there. The an­gel en­cour­aged me to eat, telling me that I needed to gain back my strength.

Sud­denly, I was starv­ing and be­gan to eat. “My guardian an­gel gave me the courage to fight!”

The an­gel took my hands. “Amy, you can do this. You

need to go back now, but I will be here help­ing you.”

I woke up in my hos­pi­tal bed. The pain was back, but I felt hope­ful and stronger. From that day, I be­gan to heal and was soon healthy and joy­ful, and grate­ful to know that I have a guardian an­gel with me.

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