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My guardian angel


When Woman’s World reader Patricia Flynn of New York City found herself in a dangerous situation, the angels kept her safe. She writes:

Some years ago, I was living in a walk-up apartment building in the East Village of New York City. One afternoon, I headed out to do some shopping. After coming down four flights of stairs, I entered the vestibule. For the tenants’ safety, the main door to the building was locked. No one else was in the vestibule with me. Yet as I went to open the main door and step out onto the street, I was suddenly yanked backward by my jacket collar, the way a mother would pull her child back to safety.

In that moment, a surly man appeared outside. He was ranting and glaring at me through the glass door. He had some kind of object in his hand and raised it, ready to break the glass.

Terrified, I fervently prayed, “God, I need help. Please, protect me!”

No sooner were the words out of my mouth than the man suddenly froze and then abruptly turned and bolted down the street. “Thank you, God,” I breathed.

Too shaken to go shopping, I ran back up the four flights of stairs to my apartment.

My roommate’s eyes widened with surprise as I told her about being pulled back and stopped from walking right into a dangerous situation.

I am not sure she believed me, but I absolutely believed then, as I do now, that my angel distracted the man, causing him to run away. I still get a lump in my throat when I think about the situation and what could’ve happened to me.

But as frightenin­g as that incident was, it has also brought me great comfort. From that day on, I’ve had no doubt that God’s angels are always watching over me and will step in to protect me if need be. That knowledge is something I am very grateful for and fills me with a sense of peace that is beyond comprehens­ion.

“I was suddenly yanked backward, like the way a mother would pull her child back to safety!”

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