Veg­gie juice flushes bloat su­per fast!

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Feel­ing a lit­tle puffy? Blame win­ter toxin buildup, which leads to fluid re­ten­tion. The good news: Th­ese sim­ple strate­gies flush false belly fat fast!

Sip this juice

Aloe vera juice con­tains a unique gelform­ing fiber that traps un­friendly mi­crobes and undi­gested food par­ti­cles in the in­testines and fer­ries them out of the body, re­duc­ing the buildup of the waste that causes puffi­ness. In fact, one study showed that sip­ping a shot of aloe vera juice daily eased symp­toms of belly bloat in 80% of folks. To do: Kick off your day by tak­ing 1 Tbs. of pure aloe vera juice on an empty stom­ach. “The bit­ter ph level of aloe vera will neu­tral­ize the acid con­tents of the stom­ach and clean out tox­ins to re­duce bloat,” says Divya L. Sel­vaku­mar, PH.D., RD.

Take a spa- aah break

The most lux­u­ri­ous way to shrink belly fat: soak­ing in a steamy bath in­fused with cy­press es­sen­tial oil. Re­searchers at the En­vi­ron­men­tal Health Cen­ter found that 63% of folks who ex­pe­ri­enced pam­per­ing heat treat­ments sig­nif­i­cantly de­creased lev­els of chem­i­cals in their bodies that trig­ger cells to trap ex­cess flu­ids. “Per­spi­ra­tion from a warm bath helps clean out the tox­ins,” ex­plains Sel­vaku­mar, who rec­om­mends keep­ing the wa­ter tem­per­a­ture hot enough to re­lax in for 10 min­utes. Boost the ef­fects with a cou­ple drops of cy­press tree oil; an Egyp­tian study found that its unique com­pounds en­cour­age the re­lease of tox­ins that glom onto H2O mol­e­cules and pro­duce bloat.

“Eat” your wa­ter

“When the body be­comes de­hy­drated, it will do anything to hold on to the wa­ter that’s left,” says Sel­vaku­mar. The re­sult: puffi­ness, es­pe­cially around your mid­sec­tion. An easy fix: snack­ing on wa­ter­melon, straw­ber­ries or can­taloupe, which con­tain over 90% wa­ter. Univer­sity of Wash­ing­ton re­search finds that wa­ter from food ab­sorbs more deeply into the body, keep­ing you hy­drated for hours. —Kather­ine Kluznik

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