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Veggie juice flushes bloat super fast!


Feeling a little puffy? Blame winter toxin buildup, which leads to fluid retention. The good news: These simple strategies flush false belly fat fast!

Sip this juice

Aloe vera juice contains a unique gelforming fiber that traps unfriendly microbes and undigested food particles in the intestines and ferries them out of the body, reducing the buildup of the waste that causes puffiness. In fact, one study showed that sipping a shot of aloe vera juice daily eased symptoms of belly bloat in 80% of folks. To do: Kick off your day by taking 1 Tbs. of pure aloe vera juice on an empty stomach. “The bitter ph level of aloe vera will neutralize the acid contents of the stomach and clean out toxins to reduce bloat,” says Divya L. Selvakumar, PH.D., RD.

Take a spa- aah break

The most luxurious way to shrink belly fat: soaking in a steamy bath infused with cypress essential oil. Researcher­s at the Environmen­tal Health Center found that 63% of folks who experience­d pampering heat treatments significan­tly decreased levels of chemicals in their bodies that trigger cells to trap excess fluids. “Perspirati­on from a warm bath helps clean out the toxins,” explains Selvakumar, who recommends keeping the water temperatur­e hot enough to relax in for 10 minutes. Boost the effects with a couple drops of cypress tree oil; an Egyptian study found that its unique compounds encourage the release of toxins that glom onto H2O molecules and produce bloat.

“Eat” your water

“When the body becomes dehydrated, it will do anything to hold on to the water that’s left,” says Selvakumar. The result: puffiness, especially around your midsection. An easy fix: snacking on watermelon, strawberri­es or cantaloupe, which contain over 90% water. University of Washington research finds that water from food absorbs more deeply into the body, keeping you hydrated for hours. —Katherine Kluznik

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