She lost her belly at age 66!

Duke Univer­sity’s protein break­through re­verses the # 1 cause of age-re­lated weight gain— and melts 9 lbs of ab flab a week!

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Want a faster metabolism, a tinier mid­sec­tion and a whole lot more stamina? “Then give your mus­cles some TLC,” urges Univer­sity of Mary­land’s Pamela Peeke, M.D., au­thor of Body-for- LIFE for Women. “Re­search shows that most of us lose half our mus­cle be­tween age 30 and 80. Take small steps to re­verse this, and you’ll be amazed by how great you look and feel.” Just ask Alabama grand­mother Gail Lind. “In my mid- 60s, I was in the early stages of os­teo­poro­sis and so weak that it was hard to get on the floor to play with my grand­son,” she re­calls. Then she started learn­ing ton­ing moves and get­ting tips on foods that boost mus­cle. “Now I’m 71 years old, I can flip a trac­tor tire, no os­teo­poro­sis, en­ergy for days and I’ve lost 10 inches off my waist,” she cheers. The best part: “Noth­ing I did felt hard!”

Ex­perts say mus­cle loss— sci­en­tific term: sar­cope­nia— im­pacts nearly ev­ery woman over 50. And it’s not just about strength. Mus­cle con­stantly burns blood sugar, so los­ing it sets us up for weight gain, diabetes and in­flam­ma­tion caused by higher blood sugar. Less mus­cle sup­port­ing bones, joints and or­gans also strains the en­tire body, rais­ing the risk of os­teo­poro­sis,

arthri­tis, heart dis­ease and more. Dr. Peeke as­serts, “The more mus­cle you lose, the lower your odds of re­main­ing healthy long-term.”

Why does mus­cle loss hap­pen? “As we age, we make fewer hor­mones to pro­mote mus­cle growth,” Dr. Peeke ex­plains. “And since the body is pro­grammed to tear down and re­build cells that may be dam­aged, when mus­cle be­comes

in­flamed— due to in­jury or be­cause your whole body is in­flamed—tis­sue is torn down but may not be re­built.” Luck­ily, there are easy so­lu­tions…

Make mus­cle magic

In one study, eight weeks of ton­ing moves helped 90-year-olds in­crease strength by 174% and walk­ing speed by 48%. Mean­while, Wake For­est Univer­sity re­search on di­eters over 60 found those who added re­sis­tance train­ing ended up strong­est and slimmest. “Just a few short bouts of strength train­ing a week will make a huge dif­fer­ence,” prom­ises Dr. Peeke, a fan of free videos at AARP.COM and Fit­ness­ You can also try the moves Gail demon­strates on the next page.

Bonus: Easy diet tweaks can also re­store mus­cle even if you don’t ex­er­cise. “Hor­monal changes re­duce our abil­ity to turn protein we eat into new mus­cle,” notes Dr. Peeke. “But we can com­pen­sate by eat­ing ex­tra protein.” In fact, when sci­en­tists at Duke Univer­sity had vol­un­teers over the age of 60 use ei­ther a tra­di­tional diet or a protein-rich one (with 30 grams of protein per meal and 15 grams per snack), the protein group sig­nif­i­cantly in­creased mus­cle strength and over­all health while dou­bling their weight loss. On top of that, they ex­pe­ri­enced a big spike in the flat-belly hor­mone adiponecti­n, help­ing waists and tum­mies cinch in as mus­cles got firm. No won­der read­ers who’ve tried the ap­proach re­port shed­ding up to 9 pounds in a week, with much of it com­ing from their mid­dle!

Real-world wow

“Be­fore my hus­band passed, he made me prom­ise to look after my health,’” re­calls Kathy Watkins, 71. Of­fered a free gym mem­ber­ship through her in­sur­ance, she met Gail Lind, who’s now a cer­ti­fied fit­ness trainer. “I fig­ured if she could do it, why not me?” says Kathy, who found she loves strength ma­chines. Mean­while, a nutri­tion­ist taught her to nix pro­cessed junk and boost protein and veg­gie in­take. “I was eat­ing a lot of food—1,900 calo­ries a day.” Even so, “I lost 46 pounds and got much stronger. My joints and bal­ance are 100% bet­ter. My triglyc­erides dropped 86 points, and my blood pres­sure dropped 46 points. My doc­tor said my progress is in­cred­i­ble.”

Kathy cred­its Gail. “She got me to see we can do so much more than we re­al­ize— and even en­joy it! It’s hard to put into words how en­er­gized and alive I feel!”

Chicago singer Lynne Jor­dan, 57, agrees. Not long ago, she couldn’t make the bed with­out col­laps­ing. Then she read Choos­ing the Strong­path about age-re­lated mus­cle loss. “I be­gan us­ing tiny pink dumb­bells and switched to a pro­tein­rich diet. In two weeks, I was al­ready stronger!” To­day Lynne is un­stop­pable— and a whole lot slim­mer. “I shed 100 pounds with­out di­et­ing. Older women of­ten feel it’s too late. I’m here to say, No, it’s not! ”

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