Thanks to a sur­pris­ing cure, Natalie is fi­nally free of hot flashes

Se­vere menopausal symp­toms had Natalie Gille­spie at the end of her rope, un­til a sur­pris­ing and unique cure an­swered her prayers!

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Natalie Gille­spie sighed in frus­tra­tion as she felt beads of sweat trickle down the back of her neck. “Not again!” she huffed, blast­ing her car’s air con­di­tioner and hop­ing she wouldn’t be drenched by the time she fin­ished driv­ing car­pool.

Since start­ing menopause, the 52-year-old Florida mom had been ex­pe­ri­enc­ing hot flashes, night sweats, fa­tigue and headaches. God, I can’t live this way, Natalie de­spaired. But she never imag­ined a new job—and an un­con­ven­tional treat­ment— would be the an­swer to her prayers.

When Natalie was first of­fered the po­si­tion of ed­i­tor-in-chief of a web­site called God’s Green­ery, a free on­line re­source for Chris­tians to ex­plore cannabid­iol (CBD)—A chem­i­cal de­rived from cannabis claimed to have heal­ing ben­e­fits—she was very he­si­tant to ac­cept. As a de­vout Chris­tian, she felt it would be go­ing against her be­liefs. She had a strong con­vic­tion against recre­ational use of mar­i­juana and wasn’t sure if CBD was the same thing. But after re­flec­tion and prayer, Natalie re­al­ized that many other Chris­tians may have the same ques­tions, and by taking the job, she could help clar­ify the facts. De­ter­mined to learn ev­ery­thing she could about CBD, Natalie be­gan scour­ing sci­en­tific stud­ies and quickly dis­cov­ered that CBD is le­gal and just one of many chem­i­cals in the cannabis plant. In fact, THC, which causes a high, is a com­pletely dif­fer­ent sub­stance. She also read that when used by it­self, CBD pur­port­edly helps dis­or­ders like anx­i­ety, de­pres­sion, heart dis­ease and pain.

But Natalie was even more sur­prised when she asked her Chris­tian friends their thoughts…and some had al­ready tried it. One friend, who’d suf­fered from se­vere pso­ri­a­sis, had done ev­ery­thing her doc­tors sug­gested with­out re­lief. But after us­ing CBD for three weeks, her skin com­pletely cleared. Amazed, Natalie found her­self

“CBD can safely treat a va­ri­ety of symp­toms”

— Mary Clifton, M.D.

think­ing about her own menopausal symp­toms. I won­der if CBD can help me too, she thought. And after pray­ing about it a bit more, she de­cided it was worth a try.

Re­lief at long last

Last April, after buy­ing CBD oil from a web­site rec­om­mended by a trusted friend (, Natalie be­gan putting a few droplets under her tongue be­fore bed. She was shocked when after just two nights, her night sweats had stopped. Over the next week, her hot flashes eased, she felt less anx­ious and more en­er­getic and she ex­pe­ri­enced fewer headaches.

Natalie con­tin­ued us­ing CBD nightly, and soon all of her menopausal symp­toms van­ished—and have stayed at bay! “At first, I dis­missed CBD, but I am so grate­ful that I did the re­search and tried it,” she says. “It has changed my qual­ity of life and made me feel like my­self again!”

“I feel like my­self again!” cheers Natalie

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