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The better keto

Dr. Anna Cabeca’s healing twist on the popular low-carb plan supercharg­es a slow thyroid to melt 22 lbs in 10 days!


Hormonal shifts, stress and not-so- great eating habits wreak havoc on our thyroid—which is why 80% of us over age 45 have sluggish “metabolism glands.” And if you have symptoms like stubborn weight gain, low energy, brain fog, achiness, insomnia, intense PMS or intense menopause, you could be among the millions affected. Good news: A new thyroid-healing twist on the famous keto diet promises radical relief in the blink of an eye. “We had volunteers test the approach, and at the end of 10 days, 98% of people had reduced their symptoms by at least 50%,” reveals Emory University– trained women’s health expert Anna Cabeca, D.O. Even dieters whose bodies once resisted letting go of a single ounce began melting up to 2 pounds a day. “That just blew my mind,” says Dr. Cabeca. “You can see a big a difference in a short time!”

Like a traditiona­l keto diet, this new version replaces most of the carbs you’d normally eat with healthy fat. The strategy keeps your body from making enough blood sugar for fuel, prompting it to turn stored fat into an alternativ­e fuel called ketones. Keto results in high-energy fat loss—but only if your thyroid is healthy. Those with sluggish thyroids often need extra help…

‘Better keto’ is born

When Dr. Cabeca found herself packing on pounds during menopause, she tried going keto. To her surprise, “I felt constant fatigue and was barely losing,” she recalls. “I wanted to figure out why, so I ran tests. It turned out my thyroid function was down, and my urine was very acidic.” She dug into research and learned that common keto staples like deli meat and cheese create acidic compounds as they digest. “There’s evidence that excess acid puts a lot of stress on the body and especially the thyroid, a gland that keeps metabolism and stamina up,” she shares. The impact is so dramatic, University of Texas scientists found folks with the most acid in their systems have

BMIS 52% higher than those with the least. It led Dr. Cabeca to an “aha!” moment.

“I knew keto had the potential to work better than other approaches, so instead of giving up, I experiment­ed with keto foods that neutralize acid,” she says. That included salad, nuts and guacamole. “Within days, I had more energy and clearer thinking— plus weight was falling off.” Dr. Cabeca eventually shed 80 pounds and is now part of a “green keto” movement that’s helping thyroids and waistlines around the world.

Soothe to slim faster!

What sets alkalizing foods apart? They have fewer enzymes that turn into acid inside us, plus they’re often rich in acid-neutralizi­ng minerals like magnesium, potassium and calcium. Best bets include leafy greens, cucumber, broccoli, celery and bell pepper. Nuts, seeds, eggs and seafood are also great options. Studies show that consuming more of these foods lowers your overall acid level by as much as 68%— and per researcher­s at Tufts University, as acid drops, thyroid function improves enough to rev metabolism and boost vitality. Another effect: Skipping acid-forming options like keto snack bars and hot dogs “helps reduce hidden inflammati­on throughout your body,” explains National Academy of Hypothyroi­dism founder Kent Holtorf, M.D. Turns out, inflammati­on triggers the release of hormones that interfere with thyroid function. Dr. Holtorf says that as inflammati­on subsides, the thyroid perks up nicely, boosting calorie burn by about 500 calories a day. Women report losing up to 22 pounds in 10 days on a ketoalkali­ne plan, and, adds Dr. Cabeca, “they feel amazing as the weight comes off!”

Real-world wow

Overweight since childhood, Mina Viscarci-johnson’s anxiety and depression climbed as her weight did. “I finally went to my doctor, and she diagnosed me with type 2 diabetes and Hashimoto’s thyroiditi­s. She prescribed medication and told me to lose weight,” recalls the Ontario reader, 50. Mina did research and consulted a naturopath, ultimately deciding to eliminate grains and dairy while emphasizin­g healthy fats. Incorporat­ing olives and avocado into vegetable-rich meals, Mina lost 22 pounds in 30 days. In six months, her thyroid levels were normal; after a year, she no longer needed diabetes medication. Best of all, her mood improved. “My doctor was shocked. She asked if she could show my results to her other patients so they could see what was possible,” says Mina. “I have my life back!”

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To learn more, check out The Hormone Fix or visit Drannacabe­ca. com.

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