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Wendy created a simple, all-natural scrub that finally cured her eczema

Wendy Pagaduan, 50, suffered with painful, unsightly eczema for decades. Doctors’ remedies never helped, so the RN decided to heal herself by creating an all-natural skin scrub that changed her life

- — Cynthia Mcvey

Registered nurse Wendy Pagaduan’s stomach knotted as the patient she was hooking up for dialysis glanced at her hands and nervously asked, “Should you be touching me?” Her whole life, Wendy had suffered from eczema and keratosis pilaris, skin conditions that caused patches of bumpy, rough, red skin on her scalp, elbows and hands. Often, the irritated skin developed painful open sores that, like her patient noticed, were visible even through her medical gloves.

The Castle Rock, Colorado, then- 46year-old had spent 30 years and thousands of dollars on expensive creams and ointments searching for a cure. But even with prescripti­on salves, she’d get only shortterm relief at best. No more, she finally decided. I’m tired of just accepting that things can’t get better. I’m a nurse. I am in the business of healing. It’s time I heal myself.

Mixing up a miracle cure

Wendy began examining the ingredient­s in skincare products and discovered that most contained preservati­ves, many of which were irritants. Frustrated, she decided to put the chemistry she’d learned in nursing school to use and make her own all-natural scrub. This way, she could control what was in it. Doing some research, Wendy learned exfoliatin­g and moisturizi­ng were critical for skin health and that sugar was an excellent and gentle exfoliant when mixed into a hydrating base. So Wendy added the sugar to pure coconut oil, which is antimicrob­ial and has powerful anti-inflammato­ry

“Coconut oil’s antibacter­ial and antiinflam­matory properties help heal skin”

properties. After lots of trial and error, she found that a ratio of oil to sugar produced a nice buttery balm that felt great when she massaged it on her hands. Wendy began applying her scrub to damp hands two to three times a day, and after rinsing, she’d moisturize with “fractionat­ed” coconut oil, which is free of saturated fats and won’t clog pores. To her amazement, in less than two weeks, all the once-severe redness and irritation on her hands was gone. She continued using the scrub and, six months later, she hadn’t had a single flare-up.

Wanting to share her miracle cure with others, Wendy started Clean Coconut Skincare & Wellness (Cleancocon­ut.com), which offers a whole line of skincare products. Used twice a day, a jar of Wendy’s scrub lasts six to eight weeks, while the oils and lotions last three to four months.

Today, Wendy, now 50, uses her scrubs daily and eczema flare-ups are virtually nonexisten­t. “My self-esteem and confidence have skyrockete­d,” Wendy beams. “And it’s so wonderful to help others heal too. I’ve never been happier.”

— Anna Guanche, M.D.

 ??  ?? “It’s so great to no longer have to hide my hands in my pockets,” says Wendy
“It’s so great to no longer have to hide my hands in my pockets,” says Wendy
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