Stable source of gift horses


The rocking horses shown at right are the seventh, eighth, and ninth, respective­ly, I have built from plans in issue 83 (November 1995). These were gifted to nieces and nephews, but the first ones I built were donated to a fundraisin­g auction for our children’s preschool, where they sold for $500–$600 each.

All were made to the original plans except that I widen the body to three thicknesse­s of 5/4 stock instead of the two thicknesse­s of 3⁄4" stock called for. I’ve made templates for all of the parts, which makes them easier to cut out. I can just about make the horses now without looking at the directions, but I still refer to my dog-eared copy of the plans for verificati­on of a few points.

Thanks for the wonderful inspiratio­n. I have subscribed to WOOD magazine for well over 25 years, and never throw an issue away.

—Don Halvorsen Hampton, Va.

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