Best for projects smaller than a breadbox


Available in 12 oz. spray cans, $6–$9 each

Deft lacquer might be the easiest finish you’ll ever apply. First, the easy-to-activate nozzle won’t fatigue your finger as quickly as other brands do and has an adjustable spray pattern. Second, this lacquer atomizes perfectly into fine droplets and lays down on the wood surface so well that it quickly blends together for ideal coverage. It takes 2–3 coats to get a finished look, but it dries quickly, so you can do this in less than a day. However, Deft scratches easily, so use it for projects that don’t require high durability. You can buy Deft in satin, semigloss, and gloss sheens; I prefer satin because I’m not a fan of shiny finishes.

PPG 800-441-9695, ppg.com

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