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I was in tears by the time I finished reading Dave Campbell’s tribute to his dad in issue 267 (“Taking Measure,” May 2020). I too lost my father to Parkinson’s and Lewy body dementia six years ago. He didn’t start woodworkin­g until after I did, but I learned basic carpentry from him. I still have the first tape measure, tool belt, and carpenter’s pencil he gave me when I bought my first house.

Our last project together was a small deerhuntin­g shack we built in northern Minnesota. Two summers ago we tore down the barn on his farm (built the year he was born) and kept most of the weathered wood siding. This summer, when we add to the hunting shack, we plan to incorporat­e the barn wood in the interior as a constant reminder of his wonderful legacy.

Thank you for sharing, Dave. Your dad had a lot to be proud of.

—Gerry Pavlik Big Lake, Minn.

Dave, I can relate to all you wrote in issue 267 following your dad’s passing: Your dad’s “60” was an Internatio­nal Harvester 560 to mine. Your car radio was our milk-house radio. (“Cows milk better when music relaxes them,” Dad would say.) It went without saying that “music” was one, and only one, station. As a teenager I tried changing the station. Once.

Thanks, Dave, for helping to “dust off” some very fond memories.

—Matt Bayly Easton, Pa.

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