Small but mighty compact mitersaws make good sense for a workshop


Mitersaw morsels

■ The Makita LS0815F incorporat­es a handy cord wrap; the Metabo HPT does not.

■ All of the saws utilize a safety switch that must be pressed before pulling the main trigger to power the saw. Left-handers might have difficulty activating the Metabo HPT safety switch.

■ You can carry all but the Craftsman and Worx one-handed by a top-mounted handle (which these two lack). However, Bosch’s hinged handle makes it trickier to carry one-handed.

■ The DeWalt and Milwaukee saws lack a depth stop, useful for cutting dadoes and half-laps.

■ The pin that locks the cordless Makita’s head down rests beneath the battery packs; we found it difficult to access.

Make the most of your mitersaw. woodmagazi­ne.com/ maxmitersa­w

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