Yacht Rock builder floats design modificati­ons


The Yacht Rock game in issue 272 (Dec/Jan 2020/2021) fascinated me, as an engineer, because of the physics of it, and the complexity of the various rockers and weighted “people.” As I built my version, shown above, I made some mods I thought you might be interested in.

First of all, the board size made it difficult to store with the rest of our games, so I designed a two-piece cherry board that fits into a box. And rather than use paint to identify the deck and cabin areas, I used my CNC router to inlay them with maple, padauk, and walnut. I also turned my own “people” from maple and walnut.

For the die, I wrapped a walnut core inside a thin maple shell, and CNC-drilled out the dot patterns, exposing the walnut. My son came up with a logo and laser-engraved it into the lid of the box, as well as the rules on the inside.

Please consider including more articles in WOOD® magazine that incorporat­e CNC woodworkin­g. I think more and more woodworker­s are investing in these great little tools, and I have been amazed how much I have been able to do with mine. —Kevin Stokes

Jacksonvil­le, Fla.

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