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In issue 274 (“Make the Most of Your Garage Shop,” May 2021), you suggest plugging a cord reel into the unused receptacle in the garagedoor-opener outlet. Practical advice, but possibly unsafe. If your garage is more than a few years old, it’s unlikely that outlet is protected by a ground-fault circuit interrupte­r (GFCI), which is designed to prevent accidental electrocut­ion. And, in older garages, even the wall outlets may not be GFCI-protected.

The solution may be as simple as an in-line GFCI, like the one shown above, or replacing the existing receptacle with a GFCI model. I recommend checking with your jurisdicti­on’s electrical inspector or a licensed electricia­n to make sure your shop wiring is safe and up to code. —Bill Fowler Woodstock, Md.

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