A smooth No. 1 debut

- Lee Valley 800-871-8158, leevalley.com

No. 1 Bevel-Up Plane, no. 05P5771, $199 Lee Valley’s newest hand plane gives you the functional­ity of a block plane in a smoothing plane body, with the leverage of a tall tote and, if you need it, a front knob to grip. This no. 1 uses a bevel-up 1 7 ⁄32"-wide blade made from PM-V11 hardened tool steel. The blade has a 25° bevel angle and beds at a 15° angle. The 1 25 ⁄32×513⁄16" cast body provides an adjustable mouth, and uses a Norris-type blade adjuster. (You can also buy this plane with a carbon-steel blade, no. 05P5751, for $189.)

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