Lift less with this pivoting panel cart

- —Tested by Craig Ruegsegger, Deputy Editor

no. 167545, $210

The older I get, the harder it becomes to manhandle heavy sheet goods onto the tablesaw or workbench. So I truly appreciate how this cart takes over the brunt of the heavy lifting: I only have to load sheets onto its sturdy hooks, and then tilt the rack to slide the sheets onto a horizontal worksurfac­e, typically my tablesaw or workbench. With 9" of vertical adjustment, you should be able to easily match most any surface in your shop; maximum height is 45". And with two 4" locking swivel casters, I never have to worry about the cart scooting away from me. I also appreciate the cart’s small footprint (slightly more than 18×18"), which stores small and goes through narrow doors easily.

Woodcraft 800-225-1153, woodcraft.com

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