could keep an eye on the CNC machine without having to be in the shop. In contrast to this high-tech tool, Rob proudly displays his hand-tool collection in a custom cabinet on the adjacent wall.

Rob takes great pride in the workbench he built during the coronaviru­s lockdown of 2020. As a retired graphic designer, he put a lot of thought into the design. The solid base features split turnings applied to 4×4 western cedar legs. The 3×4 yellow pine frame trimmed in eastern cedar and oak contribute­s to the bench’s rock-solid stability. The sunburst applique on one end started out as an old scrollsaw pattern he enlarged and cut with his CNC router.

For certain, Rob doesn’t need an excuse to spend a lot of hours in his insulated, airconditi­oned, well-equipped, and roomy shop. He gets to spend that time designing and creating, forgetting about the world outside his shop doors.

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