Before heading out


Regardless of the finish you choose, if you plan to do your finishing

al fresco rather than inside, follow these guidelines for best results. First, check the weather conditions. Most finishes provide recommenda­tions for temperatur­e and humidity levels. Applying a finish when it’s too cold (or too humid) can prevent your finish from penetratin­g or drying properly. Warm, dry days are best.

Avoid finishing in direct sunlight. Even with a cool air temperatur­e, heat from the sun’s rays causes the finish to start drying before it has a chance to level out. Choose an overcast day with no rain in the forecast, or work inside a garage (with the door open) or on a covered porch or deck.

While some air circulatio­n is beneficial for the drying process, avoid finishing on breezy days. Airborne dust particles and debris landing on your wet finish creates blemishes. Combat this by setting up defensive walls of cardboard or plastic sheeting around your project to protect it from dust.

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