Tying up loose ends


1 Finish-sand all the parts, easing sharp edges by hand. (We sanded to 150 grit.) 2 Apply an outdoor penetratin­g oil finish to all of the parts. Allow the finish to cure fully before assembly and use.

3 Lay out all the parts with the scoops of the centers (A) facing up, the tapered end of the wings (B) facing outward, and a cap at the top and bottom [Exploded View]. Run a single 96' length of rope through the holes to connect all the parts. Leave about 8' at each end before feeding the rope through the next set of holes [Exploded View].

4 Head to your favorite shady spot, hang up the hammock using a hanging kit [Sources, Photos K–M], then kick back, relax, and start dreaming about your next project.

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