Miter Gauges

- March 2022

Amiter gauge guides a workpiece for spot-on crosscuts and miters. These upgrades outperform the typical factory-supplied gauges, thanks to precise scales, including Vernier scales on some models that allow for fine-tuning angles to 1⁄10°. All of the miter gauges we tested have positive detent stops for 0°, 221⁄2°, and 45°. Models with fences and length stops make it a snap to cut multiple parts to equal length.

Incra Miter 1000HD, $220

Miter detents: 180

Overall grade: A

This jig screams precision. From its can’t-miss sawtooth miter detents, to its Vernier scale, to its 32"-long fence with dual-function flip-stop that indexes in 1⁄32" increments, to its miter-bar adjusters you tweak while the jig rests in the miter slot, this is the most comprehens­ive miter gauge we tested.

Our only gripe is that to reposition the fence on the head, you must use an included wrench; we’d prefer tool-free knobs.

972-242-9975, incra.com

Kreg, no. KMS7102, $150

Miter detents: 9

Overall grade: A

Accurate detents and easy-toeyeball non-detent angle setting, including a Vernier scale, make using this miter gauge a breeze. We like this flip-stop best for its easy-to-read cursor and ability to reach over a 3⁄4" auxiliary fence—but lacking a telescopin­g extension, you’re limited to cutting a maximum of 213⁄4" using the flip-stop.

800-447-8638, kregtool.com

Incra Miter V120, $100

Miter detents: 120

Overall grade: B+

With 120 detents in 1° increments plus 22.5°, this gauge delivers all the precision you might ever need. You don’t get a fence, but adding a shop-made one proves easy enough. 972-242-9975, incra.com

Rockler, no. 62095, $180

Miter detents: 11

Overall grade: B–

Although the 60° angle detents were slightly off—an angle we rarely if ever cut on a tablesaw—we otherwise found this miter gauge spot-on.

The melamine-coated-MDF fence provides zero-clearance support, but over time you’ll need to replace it. The fence lacks a scale, but its flip-stop reaches up to a 23" crosscut when you extend the fence.

800-279-4441, rockler.com

Fulton, no. 11567, $120

Miter detents: 13

Overall grade: C–

When using the detent settings, you’ll get precise cuts with this gauge. However, the cursor hides the single-degree increments, making it next to impossible to accurately set a non-detent angle by eye. The fence scale on the front face reads easiest when you look over the fence and down at it; we found it more difficult to use than top-mounted scales. 888-512-9069, ptreeusa.com

JessEm, no. 07150, $300

Miter detents: 9

Overall grade: A–

Another gauge that’s spot-on accurate, including a Vernier scale. The end stop on the telescopin­g fence maxes at 361⁄4" but if you add a 3⁄4" auxiliary fence to the main fence body—which works perfectly with the flip stop—the extension’s end stop becomes useless. Otherwise, the fence and scale work great. In our tests, the snuggers on the miter bar lost their setting over a couple of weeks of use and needed readjustin­g. 800-436-6799, jessem.com

Harvey Compass, no. MG-36, $360

Miter detents: 7

Overall grade: B

The quality of machining and materials on this gauge speaks to its precision. Despite only seven miter detents, we found it easy to set non-detent angles. The fence flip-stop works well and has a microadjus­ter for fine-tuning, but the fence scale lacks numbers—we found it easier to use a tape or rule to set it each time. The fence telescopes for a maximum crosscut of 283⁄4" using the flip-stop.

888-211-0397, harveywood­working.com

Woodhaven, no. 4910, $190

Miter detents: 15 Overall grade: B

The miter detents proved spot-on and lock securely with a threaded brass pin. Choose one of two angle indicators to use for setting non-detent angles: a standard pointer or a Vernier-scale pointer; these need to be recalibrat­ed when swapped out. This model lacks a fence, but has screw holes for attaching a shop-made fence. 800-344-6657, woodhaven.com

Incra Miter V27, $70

Miter detents: 27

Overall grade: C–

This gauge delivers precise angles for the 27 detent settings (0°, 5°–60° in 5° increments, and 221⁄2°), but without a cursor that aligns over the angle marks, you have to set non-detent angles by eyeballing the pointer with the desired angle mark.

972-242-9975, incra.com

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