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Thanks for the Com­pact Work­bench plans in is­sue 252 (March 2018). When I re­ceived the is­sue, I owned just a work­table, and I was search­ing for an af­ford­able vise, as well. The vise and Won­der­pup are good buys!

Rather than rip the 2x8 boards down to 5½” wide, I just ripped the rounded edges off, mak­ing my bench 6” wider than yours. While it cer­tainly adds some weight, the wider legs also make this bench feel very sturdy.

I wanted my bench to have a rus­tic or re­claimed look, so I only lightly sanded with some low grit and then stained with Min­wax Pu­ri­tan Pine, which turned out just how I had hoped it would.

Thanks again! —Tim McFar­lin Greens­boro, N.C.

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