Crack un­der pres­sure


Paint cracks as it ages be­cause it hard­ens, and wood ex­pands and con­tracts. Get that look al­most in­stantly with this sim­ple tech­nique. To ac­cen­tu­ate the cracks, start by ap­ply­ing a stain or paint that con­trasts with the top coat of paint. We ap­plied Sher­winWil­liams Clas­sic Cherry stain and painted on Sher­win Wil­liams no. 6667 Af­ter­glow. Work on one hor­i­zon­tal sur­face at a time, lay­ing the item on its sides, front, and back as needed. Al­low the paint to dry be­fore tack­ling the next sur­face.

Driz­zle white glue over the sur­face. Spread it un­evenly with a foam brush, but cover the en­tire sur­face. The un­even cov­er­age varies the crackle pat­tern.

As soon as you fin­ish spread­ing the glue, with a clean brush. start ap­ply­ing a moder­ately heavy coat of paint

As the paint dries, cracks de­velop. If the pat­tern of cracks isn’t to your lik­ing, scrape off the paint be­fore it dries com­pletely, and re­peat the glue and paint ap­pli­ca­tions.

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