Build the sides and doors


1 Cut parts A–D [Ma­te­ri­als List, Draw­ings 1 and 2], and ar­range them as they will be as­sem­bled. Mark part let­ters and ori­en­ta­tion (right, left) on the out­side faces with

chalk. Also in­di­cate the tenoned ends and grooved edges, mak­ing the sides and doors mir­ror images. Cut the tenons and grooves. 2 Edge-join over­size blanks for the pan­els (E, F). Plane and cut the pan­els to fin­ished size and rab­bet the back faces. Fin­ish-sand and stain [Sources] the pan­els and the in­side edges of the rails and stiles.

3 Ap­ply glue to the tenons (do not glue the pan­els) and as­sem­ble the sides and doors [Photo A]. Drill shelf-pin holes in the side stiles and fin­ish-sand the frames. Note: Sand­ing will scuff the stain on the in­side faces of the pan­els (E, F); restain th­ese ar­eas when fin­ish­ing the cab­i­net.

Clamp up the sides and doors on a flat sur­face. Square-cut stile and rail ends en­sure square as­sem­blies. Tip! Solid-wood pan­els ex­pand and con­tract sea­son­ally. Stain them be­fore as­sem­bly to en­sure un­stained wood won’t show dur­ing times of sea­sonal shrink­age.

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