Fence stops pro­vide crit­i­cal end­points


If you’re rout­ing stopped grooves, you’ll need a stop at each end of travel, and noth­ing works bet­ter than a flip-stop. They’re easy to in­stall and po­si­tion, and flip out of the way when not needed with­out hav­ing to re­set for step-and-re­peat op­er­a­tions. We like th­ese from Kreg Tool be­cause they slide eas­ily in a T-slot and stay locked with­out de­flect­ing. They’ll fit a fence that’s at least 31⁄4" tall (the length of the arm) with a top T-slot cen­tered 3⁄4" from the fence’s front face. (If your fence doesn’t match th­ese specs, you might have to buy a flip-stop from the fence’s man­u­fac­turer.) Fence flip-stops no. PRS7850, $25 each Kreg Tool

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