Grill SideTable

A sturdy, easy-to-stow side­kick for great out­door cook­ing.


Go right to the top

1 Cut parts A–D [Ma­te­ri­als List, Draw­ing 1]. Glue and clamp the rails and hinge blocks (A–C) to­gether. Check the as­sem­bly for square. Af­ter the glue dries, drill pilot holes and drive in screws.

2 Glue the filler blocks (D) in place on one end of the A–C as­sem­bly.

3 Cut the top slats (E) and at­tach them to the short rails (B), evenly spaced, with screws and glue. Fin­ish-sand the top.

Give it legs to stand on

1 Cut the legs (F) and leg rails (G) [Draw­ing 2]. Glue and clamp the rails be­tween the legs. Af­ter the glue dries, drill pilot holes, and drive in the screws. Fin­ish-sand the as­sem­blies.

2 At­tach a stain­less steel con­tin­u­ous hinge to the in­side face of the top rail on one leg and the out­side face on the other [Ex­ploded View, Photo A].

3 Screw the leg hinges to the hinge blocks (C) [Pho­tos B, C]. Test the legs to make sure they fold and un­fold with­out in­ter­fer­ence and sit neatly in­side the top [Photo D].

Add the shelf

1 Cut shelf parts H–K to size [Draw­ing 3]. Glue and screw the slats (H) to the shelf end rails (I), spac­ing the slats evenly and keep­ing the slat ends flush with the rails.

2 As­sem­ble rails J and K with screws and glue, check­ing the as­sem­bly for square. Fin­ish-sand it. At­tach the rail as­sem­bly to the bot­tom of the H/I as­sem­bly, cen­ter­ing it be­tween the end rails (I). Fin­ish-sand the H/I as­sem­bly.

Fin­ish it up

Re­move the legs for ease of fin­ish­ing. Touch up the sand­ing as needed, and ap­ply sev­eral coats of a durable out­door fin­ish. (We used Gen­eral Fin­ishes Ex­te­rior 450 Top­coat, flat sheen, a wa­ter­borne clear ex­te­rior fin­ish. Any

fin­ish rated for out­door ex­po­sure would work.) Then, reat­tach the legs and put a cook­out on the cal­en­dar. Stow the ta­ble by fold­ing the legs and nest­ing the shelf over them [photo, page 31].

Tip! Drill pilot holes for the hinge screws with a self-cen­ter­ing bit, such as the Snappy hinge bit for #5 and #6 screws (no. 45107, Wood­craft, 800-535-4482 or wood­ Note: Be­fore you per­ma­nently as­sem­ble rails J and K and at­tach them to the shelf, make sure the spa­ces be­tween the end rails (I) and the shelf short rails (K) slip over the leg rails (G) [Ex­ploded View].

B Cen­ter a leg as­sem­bly (F/G) on the top as­sem­bly (A–E) at the end of the top with the filler blocks (D). Drive the hinge screws into the bot­tom face of the hinge block (C).

A Fold the hinge leaves over the edge of the leg rail (G) for po­si­tion­ing, which is the same on both leg as­sem­blies. The side of the hinge leaf with coun­ter­sunk screw holes faces up.

D The legs over­lap as they fold into the top, al­low­ing room for the shelf as­sem­bly (H–K) to sit up­side down in the space on top of the legs for com­pact stor­age.

C At the other end of the top, cen­ter the re­main­ing leg as­sem­bly be­tween the ta­ble long rails (A). Screw the hinge to the in­side face of the hinge block.

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