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How to save money on wood­work­ing.

Do you col­lect per­fectly good bent nails from your neigh­bor’s trash for later straight­en­ing? Do you call last week’s 150-grit sand­pa­per this week’s 220? Are you miserly? A tight­wad? A cheap­skate? Good. Then, you can join our wood­work­ing club. If not, here are some ar­ti­cles that will bring you around to the fru­gal side of the hobby.

Build an en­tire shop on a lim­ited bud­get. wood­magazine.com/ideashop6

Store all your sav­ings in this bank you build from free plans. wood­magazine.com/mon­eytree

Make a join­ter and planer pay for them­selves. wood­magazine.com/free­join­t­er­planer

Find and sal­vage hard­wood to save money. wood­magazine.com/sal­vage­and­save

Learn to make the most of your ma­te­ri­als. wood­magazine.com/op­ti­mize

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