Use your phone to ac­cu­rately set an­gled table­saw cuts

WOOD - - SHOP TIPS - —Mike DeCarlo, Apex, N.C.

With this sim­ple jig made of a few scraps of wood in­clud­ing 1∕4" ply­wood and 5∕8" birch dowel, as well as two rare-earth mag­nets, you can use your smart phone to ac­cu­rately set the an­gle of your table­saw blade. You’ll need to add a cli­nome­ter app to your phone.

Note that the dowel is se­cured with an off-cen­ter screw so you can use the dowel as a cam to hold the phone in place. The place­ment of edge but­tons on your phone may dic­tate mod­i­fi­ca­tions to the jig, in­clud­ing where you place the cam. The mag­nets hold the jig fast to the blade while you ad­just the an­gle. Cut the rab­bet deep enough so the blade’s teeth don’t pre­vent the jig (and phone) from be­ing par­al­lel with the blade body.

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