Delta 26-2240, $500


800-223-7278, delta­ma­chin­ High Points

▲One of the most pow­er­ful saws in the test.

▲ The saw glides smoothly on dual ar­tic­u­lated arms in­stead of slid­ing rails, and it re­quires the least amount of space be­hind the saw (121∕2").

▲The bevel lock is lo­cated at the front of the saw for easy changes, and the bevel scale is among the eas­i­est to read.

▲Its clearly marked miter scale can be eas­ily cal­i­brated.

▲A tall fence and tex­tured ta­ble and fence sur­faces make it easy to se­curely hold and cut stock. ▲5-year war­ranty

Low Points

▼The dust bag mounts close to the top han­dle, mak­ing the saw clumsy to lift and carry. ▼Blade changes proved dif­fi­cult be­cause the guard does not stay re­tracted by it­self.

More Points

Re­mov­ing the fence and screw­ing on a 2×12 as an aux­il­iary ta­ble adds 3" of cross­cut ca­pac­ity. A sin­gle-trig­ger power switch can more eas­ily (and pos­si­bly ac­ci­den­tally) ac­ti­vate the blade.

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