3.Fin­ger joints lend a help­ing hand


Ever wish you had a board stretcher? This tech­nique joins boards end to end, with­out buy­ing a spe­cial­ized bit. It also works great on box cor­ners. Build the jig shown be­low, and set it up as shown in Pho­tos A–E. Note: The width of the project ma­te­rial should be an even in­cre­ment of 1∕8" so the faces align when you as­sem­ble the fin­ger joint.

Glue and screw the base, brace, and up­right to­gether. The key is added later. The sup­port gets repo­si­tioned, so don’t glue it. Be sure the sup­port has been ma­chined square, or your project pieces won’t fit cor­rectly.

In­stall a 1∕8" straight bit and set its height to 1∕4". Po­si­tion the fence 17∕8" from the cen­ter of the bit and make a 1∕2"-long cut into the jig.

Make a 1"-long hard­wood key to fit the groove, and glue it in place.

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