Ry­obi TSS102L, $200


800-525-2579, ry­obitools.com High Points ▲At 36 pounds, this saw is easy to lift and carry. ▲Low­est price in the test group ▲Slide-out ex­ten­sion wings pro­vide up to 151∕4" of work­piece sup­port each side of the blade. ▲3-year war­ranty Low Points ▼This saw lacks the power of most saws in the test, but it works fine if you cut slower. ▼The miter de­tents were in­ac­cu­rate with no way to ad­just them. But the de­tent over­ride lets you lock the saw just slightly off the de­tent an­gles to cor­rect some in­ac­cu­racy. Chang­ing an­gles was stiff and jerky, and tilt­ing the saw was dif­fi­cult as well. It tilts only to the left.

▼Short fences make it dif­fi­cult to cut work­pieces in po­si­tions other than ly­ing flat on the ta­ble. ▼Ad­just­ing the laser proves dif­fi­cult be­cause it’s lo­cated un­der­neath the blade guard.

More Points

This saw has an ad­justable depth stop (help­ful for cut­ting da­does), but no chop/crown stop. A sin­gle-trig­ger power switch can more eas­ily (and pos­si­bly ac­ci­den­tally) ac­ti­vate the blade.

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