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Our fa­vorite edge-pro­fil­ing router bits, a hand­held drum sander and more.

Our fa­vorite router bits for edge work

Mega Flush-Trim

(1∕2" shanks only) 3∕4×11∕4", no. 06-692, $49.90 3∕4×2", no. 06-693, $69.90 11∕2×11∕4", no. 06-694, $89.90 11∕2×2", no. 06-695, $129.90 4-pc. set, no. 00-694, $299.90 The Mega Flush-Trim com­pres­sion bits, shown above, work great for pat­tern rout­ing be­cause the com­bi­na­tion of up­cut and down­cut shear­ing cut­ters elim­i­nates chip-out on both work­piece faces. They cut cleanly and smoothly and pro­duce pre­cise re­sults. To max­i­mize the com­pres­sion ad­van­tage, cen­ter the bit height on the work­piece thick­ness, which might re­quire a thicker tem­plate. We like the 11∕2"-di­am­e­ter bits be­cause they cut at a shal­lower an­gle than the 3∕4" bits, mak­ing them less “grabby” in re­vers­ing-grain shapes, such as cir­cles. But if you can get only one bit, go for the 3∕4×11∕4"—it’s the one we use most of­ten.

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