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Dis­cover the joy of mak­ing a one of a kind Bolt Ac­tion, Mo­tor­cy­cle, Foot­ball and Fire­fighter pen. All pen kit styles are com­pletely au­then­tic with pre­ci­sion en­gi­neered com­po­nents that were care­fully de­signed to en­sure unique­ness and re­li­a­bil­ity. They fea­ture a Parker™ style re­fill for smooth writ­ing per­for­mance and in­struc­tions for how to make them.

Bolt Ac­tion Pen Kits

Our best-sell­ing pen kits en­joys a huge fol­low­ing in the pen mak­ing com­mu­nity. It’s beloved for its re­al­is­tic bolt-ac­tion han­dle that smoothly ad­vances and re­tracts to se­curely lock the re­fill in place. In­cludes a bolt-ac­tion ri­fle clip and replica 30 cal­iber car­tridge and rose gold tip for added au­then­tic­ity. Re­quires a pen mak­ing man­drel, bush­ings (Item # PKCP3000BU $5.95) and 3/8” drill bit (Item #PKEXEC-38 $3.95). Patent No.: US D682,352 S

Mo­tor­cy­cle Pen Kits NEW!

From the straight pipes to the mus­cu­lar lines of the old school sin­gle cylin­der en­gine with kick­start mech­a­nism, your cus­tom-built Mo­tor­cy­cle pen will make a state­ment. The pen tip fea­tures a fierce, in­tri­cately cast ea­gle head with the en­graved words, “Ride Hard. Live Free” as a band above the ea­gle head. A true to life old school sin­gle cylin­der en­gine adorns the pen end. On shock ab­sorber you’ll find a su­per cool “kick­start” mech­a­nism that repli­cates the kick­starter on the mo­tor­cy­cle. This mech­a­nism func­tions the same way as our Bolt Ac­tion pen kits to smoothly ad­vance and re­tract the re­fill. Re­quires a pen mak­ing man­drel, bush­ings (Item #PKPT100BU $5.95) and 10mm drill bit (Item #PK10-10 $7.95).

Dog Pen Kits NEW!

Al­ways be re­minded of your best friend - ev­ery­where you go. In­spired ev­ery­thing dog­gie in­clud­ing; Click Top: Casted into the shape of a clas­sic dog bowl with bis­cuit de­tail that wraps around the ex­te­rior. The top fea­tures a stamped dog paw print and is slightly re­cessed for com­fort­able click­ing. In­cludes a su­per quiet, smooth ac­tion click mech­a­nism. Spring Pen Clip: A bone is com­monly con­sid­ered a dogs fa­vorite treat (or toy) and we thought it the per­fect way to rep­re­sent the clip. Back­end and tip: Paw prints are en­graved in a play­ful pat­tern around the tip and back­end to rep­re­sent the happy, en­er­getic spirit of a dog. “I LOVE MY DOG” is en­graved be­low the paw prints on the tip to sig­nify the valu­able re­la­tion­ship be­tween an owner and their dog. Re­quires a pen mak­ing man­drel, bush­ings (item #PKMAJSQBU $4.95) and 3/8” drill bit (item #PKEXEC-38 $3.95).

Fire­fighter Pen Kits NEW!

The de­tails of the pen pay homage to the ded­i­ca­tion, sac­ri­fice and brav­ery these hero’s dis­play. In­clud­ing; a pen clip that rep­re­sents a Fire­fighter’s lad­der and iconic Fire­fighter’s Mal­tese Cross. The pen end de­picts a sil­hou­ette of a Fire­fighter in uni­form a hold­ing a hose with the words “Honor” “Brav­ery““Duty” and “Ded­i­ca­tion” dis­played be­hind the sil­hou­ette. The pen top fea­tures a clas­sic Fire­fighter’s hel­met form. The pen tip is shaped like a Fire­fighter’s hose noz­zle. While the “Push and Lock” Pen Mech­a­nism em­u­lates an Amer­i­can fire hose. To ex­tend the re­fill, sim­ply push the back-end of the pen down­ward and ro­tate to lock the up­per adapter clips into place. Re­quires a pen mak­ing man­drel, bush­ings (item #PKFIREBU $4.95) and 10mm drill bit (item #PK10-10 $7.95).

Bolt Ac­tion Mo­tor­cy­cle DogBolt Ac­tion Pen Kit in Chrome Mo­tor­cy­cle Pen Kit in Chrome Dog Pen Kit in Chrome Fire­fighter Pen Kit in Chrome & Red Easy and fun to make on a lathe NEW NEW NEW

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