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Drafting Table Conversion

In Woodsmith 243, I saw a reader’s tip for building a bench grinder stand that hangs on the wall. I don’t use a bench grinder often, but I thought I could use the stand in a different way. TILTING TOP. The original design had a two-layer top and hung on the wall with a couple of lag bolts. The modificati­on that I made to the stand can be seen above. I turned the stand into a drafting table to use in my shop. This was done by installing a continous hinge between the two-layer top. This allows it to tilt to an inclined drafting position. To hold the top in the drafting position, I installed a couple of steel stays that I made. I also installed a stop to keep items from sliding off when I’m using my new drafting table.

Harold Kimple Ankeny, Iowa

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