Micro Mesh Grits. Greg Kopp of Norwalk, IA kept losing the grit chart that came with his Micro Mesh sanding pads. Instead of relying on the chart to match the color to the grit, Greg has started to mark the grit with a fine-tipped marker on the edge of the sanding pads. Now, Greg can quickly see what grit the pad is.

Strop Cushion. Bill White of Grand Portage, MN often uses hold-downs in his work. However, using a hold down with softer woods can often leave dents in the workpiece. When chopping dovetails, Bill found that his leather strop was the perfect cushion to his holdfast. It keeps the workpeice from getting dented, and also keeps the strop close at hand. That way, while he works, Bill can quickly touch up his chisels while keeping his work protected.

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