Making a strong CASE


The case for the armoire starts out as a simple box with butt joints held together with screws. The drawing to the right shows that, and more details as well.

To get the ball rolling, cut the sides, top, and back to their final size. But you’ve got the edges of the case to work on before you start assembling parts.

As you see in the drawing, all the exposed edges of the case are painted. To create this unique look means employing a different strategy from the outset. This starts by painting the edges of the case parts. There’s no need to tape off the edges. The box below shows the trick I used to make the edges crisp and sharp.

DRILL & PREDRILL. This is the perfect time to layout and drill the holes in the sides for the adjustable shelf sleeves. The elevation drawings to the far right show the spacing needed for each side. Then drill the pilot holes and countersin­ks in the top and bottom as well (detail ‘a’).

The back is with a beadboard pattern. When cutting the back, be sure to center it, then glue and nail it in place.

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