Build an ARMY


The last piece (pun intended) of this project is to make the turned game pieces. If you don’t do a lot of turning, a good set of carbide turning tools makes it easier. Just take it slow. Here’s a few tips with each piece.

THE KNIGHTS. The knights are cut to shape at the band saw. Define the neck of the horse at the drill press (Fig. 1), then band saw the shape out, as seen in Figure 2.

PAWN. The pawns are the trickiest to turn, because of the oblong shape. In short, they’re turned and the middle slice is removed at the band saw. Check out the video on Woodsmith.com/255 to see the process.

ROOK. To create the rook, start by drilling a stopped hole, as you see in Figure 4. Then, kerf the end of the blank to form the cross, as seen in Figure 5. Finally, turn it to shape.

THE BISHOP & KING. The bishop and the king follow the same path. Start out by turning them to shape, but leaving some square waste on one end. You’ll use it to clamp the pieces to the miter gauge at the table saw. There, you’ll create the slot in each piece (see below). The king slot is square to the blank, but you’ll tilt the blade for the bishop.

THE QUEEN. The queen is the simplest operation. She’s turned to shape and sanded. After turning and sanding the pieces, flock the bottoms. Now, sit back and relax. It’s your move.

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