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Who is King Jace XXII?


As Saturday’s Mardi Gras celebratio­n nears, we reveal more clues as to the real identity of King Jace XXII.

WOONSOCKET — The Northern Rhode Island Council of the Arts, organizer of the Woonsocket Mardi Gras on Saturday Feb. 6, has revealed two more clues in the King Jace Quest.

King Jace is always a man from the area who is wellknown. Each year a new man plays the part of the Mysterious Monarch of the Woonsocket Mardi Gras, and area residents are encouraged to guess his true identity.

There are 10 clues and 10 photos of King Jace to help you guess who is playing the part this year. Each photo features this year’s King Jace in full regal costume posing in front of a well-known public place in Woonsocket.

Each clue has been crafted to be both revealing and challengin­g. Here are the clues, so far, to the true identity of King Jace XXII:

King Jace XXII...........

1-Shares his name with a famous person. 2-Works with water. 3-Likes to swim. 4-Has a unique quality which sets him apart from previous King Jaces.

5-Will tumble for ya.

New clues for Feb. 4:

6-Knows how to play ball. 7-Hates fried foods. 8-Loves seafood and ice cream.

Residents who think they know the true identity of King Jace XXII are encouraged to join in the King Jace Quest. Simply place a dollar bill in one of the specially printed King Jace Quest envelopes and fill out the front with your contact informatio­n and your guess. Envelopes are available at

The Call, the offices of 75 Main St., and both Woonsocket radio stations (WNRI, 786 Diamond Hill Rd., and WOON, 985 Park Ave.), all during regular business hours.

Envelopes will also be available at the Mardi Gras Ball Saturday Feb. 6.

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